Looking for the Best Stock Option Tips Provider?

Well, I cannot say that I am THE BEST, but I can say with certainity that I will make you profitable in the long run.

Trading in Stock Options is one of the lucrative ways of making money.

It’s easy, requires less money and there is unlimited potential of making profits…

I know it sounds all too glamerous.

But you need to understand that one can only achieve glory through discipline. If you are not disciplined and cannot follow strict guidelines then I am sorry to say my stock options tips won’t help you.

In fact, you will become frustrated and call me a scammer.

See, the beauty of trading with stock options is identifying really good quality, high probability trades.

And these trades don’t come everyday.

Therefore, you need to be patient with my Option Tips.

If you are interested, I will add you into my Private Telegram Group where…

You will receive calls whenever I see a high probability setup.

And all you have to do is follow them. You don’t even have to think. But…

You need to follow all the calls.

Look, I don’t own the Market nor do I know any info on insider trading.

Therefore, It is my edge that will make you profitable. And my edge is…

That it works 60% of the time. Which is other way of saying that it fails 40% and…

Since I am no fortune teller I don’t know which ones are going to win and which ones will lose…

From a total of 10 or 20 trades, you will be profitable overall i.e. don’t check your Profit Loss statement with just one or two trades but with a bunch of ten or twenty trades.

This brings us to the most important section….

Capital Allotment

See most people have the idea of investing their entire bulk of capital in one option. But I beg to differ.

You need to seperate your entire capital into 10 equal parts.

For instance, say that you have One Lakh. Seperate into Ten equal parts of 10k each.

This way you will be taking 10 Stock Options Tips that I send through telegram. At the end of all the Ten trades you will end profitable.

So, How Much Money Will I Make With Stock Option Tips?

I don’t know.

That is the most honest answer you will ever hear.


Simply because I don’t know what will happen in the market.

But I have been making more than 50% for the past few months. Again…

You must understand that past performance is not an indication of future performance.

There is a very small chance that we might end in the negative for some months. And…

That is why I say that when we keep trading, in the long run, we will end up profitable.

You Talk All Nice But Where is the Proof?

I know you want proof of my performance.

I can show my last three months statement from Zerodha but due to tax issues I cannot do so to every client that I gain.

Moreover, it is a tiresome task to send my live statemnt to everyone who enquires. But…

I have a better idea than sharing my statement.

What if I gave you a 30 Day free Trial?

Sounds Wonderful, right?

You can use this time to scrutinize all my Stock Option Tips. You don’t have to take the trade.

You can sit on the side and calculate the profits and losses my option tips have made in the 30 Days.

And if you find them profitable and only then you can join with a monthly subscription fee of 4,999/-.

So How Do I Contact You?

Getting in touch is really easy. Please whatsapp me on +91-8098447070 stating that you need a free 30 Day Trial and I will send you a special link to join my Private Telegram Group.