My name is Riche Richardson and I am a Marine Engineer.

Fortunately or Unfortunately, I never went on sail. Situations forced me to search for other income streams. And that pushed me to online ideas.

I did several online jobs and create a small online service too. But that was not scalable. That is when I stumbled on Trading.

I was introduced to trading through Forex.

It required less investment but was dangerous to trade.

I burnt several live accounts in Forex. In that process I learned that the market is not random as many think.

The market is like a breathing entity. I found several patterns on every time frame being repeated again and again.

The trick was money management as one wrong trade will blow your entire account.

So anyways I learnt the tricks and I was happy to find them working on the Indian market. I was even more delighted when I found that I can use options to trade using the strategies that I have learnt.

Long story short I decided to start a service as Stock Options tips provider allowing me to help others and in the same process add to my income stream 😀